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01 February, 2023
Poland’s success in EU27 ranking on Artificial Intelligence

Every year, technological development accelerates at an impressive pace, changing the lives of new generations

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11 January, 2023
OpenAI: The technology that delighted and terrified the world

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest technological topics of recent years. What was once

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Eryka Klimowska
30 December, 2022
Artificial intelligence as an authority – should AI influence decisions in workplaces?

Imagine that you are fired from your job due to the suggestion of artificial intelligence.

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Eryka Klimowska
13 November, 2022
How can artificial intelligence improve cancer care

New technologies are changing the medical industry around the world, simplifying the complicated process of

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Eryka Klimowska
02 November, 2022
A new bioinformatics tool for faster and more accurate protein classification

Proteins are complex molecules found in all living organisms, as well as in viruses -

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Alicja Kwaśniewska
17 September, 2022
Telemedicine – the future of medicine

Research on remote medical diagnosis, based on non-contact detection of patients' vital signs, through the

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