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08 April, 2024
Can artificial intelligence change the current understanding of physics?

At the dawn of a new scientific era, where the limits of the possible are

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07 March, 2024
Revolutionary technology straight out of science fiction movies

Generating texts, realistic images, composing music, automating processes, and precise personalization – these are just

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05 March, 2024
Breakthrough in Polish AI: PLLuM as a step towards the future

"This is a small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind" – the

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28 February, 2024
Will AI replace God? “Maximum dose of Knowledge” Podcast.

Petros Psyllos, the 2017 Forbes edition awardee and recognized innovator under 30, shared his unconventional

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22 February, 2024
Artificial intelligence and mental health. Why won’t a chatbot replace a psychotherapist ?

ChatGPT, M.D. How AI has entered the world of medicine? Artificial intelligence had taken hold

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15 February, 2024
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