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18 April, 2023
Critical Heritage Studies – fascinating initiative of the Jagiellonian University academic group

Critical Heritage Studies CRITICAL, but what is this criticism about? In the Kantian understanding, it

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21 March, 2023
Archaeological heritage in the age of digital colonialism

In 2015, due to the aggression of Iraq, the Syrian triumphal arch was destroyed. Thanks

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19 December, 2022
A stone’s throw from home – the idea of a 15-minute city

Living in a constant rush, traffic congestion, crowded public transportation during rush hour. Sounds familiar?

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Dr. Joanna Jurga
19 July, 2022
Human-friendly interiors – how do designed spaces affect our well-being, concentration and growth?

An analysis of approaches to designing spaces for working, studying, supporting concentration and well-being based on the research of Dr. Joanna Jurga

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