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15 April, 2024
Combining an academic career with business

The constant need to catch up on business knowledge and develop new skills is not

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22 January, 2024
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04 January, 2024
Imposter syndrome is overrated. Find what excites you and cultivate contacts.

Currently a third-year doctoral student, Katarzyna Hryniewiecka took a not-so-obvious path to her doctorate. She

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29 November, 2023
The Journey Beyond Graduation: Insights from Dr. Dorota Komar, Epigeneticist and Science Communicator

Biohaterka - an editor at Coopernicus, a scientist from the Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy

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07 November, 2023
Polish researchers with an idea for detecting early obesity

Each year, even 2.8 million adults die as a result of being overweight or obese.

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06 November, 2023
Biotechnology in Poland: An Investment “Worth the West”

From dogs to bacteria – the history of the first biotechnological drug The importance and

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