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18 February, 2023
Brachytherapy – over a century of fighting cancer with radiation. How is it used today?

History of radiologyIt is difficult to describe the insights of the field of radiology without

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dr Wojciech Mróz
16 January, 2023
Organic light-emitting diodes: basic architectures and principles of operation

While organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have entered the broad commercial market of displays of all

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Dr Rafał Anyszka
Filip Kuczyński-Piech
20 December, 2022
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05 September, 2022
The transport of our time

New discoveries in transportation, changes and the phenomenon of "travel-based multitasking"

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27 June, 2022
Do we still need and want to fly?

Air travel in the post-pandemic era, in the wake of proliferation of videoconferencing and increasing environmental awareness.

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27 June, 2022
Hydrogen, future of clean propulsion?

Hydrogen fuel cell hybrid propulsion system is now widely believed to be one of the answers to the zero emission vehicle challenge.

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