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22 January, 2024
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09 November, 2023
The essence of two-dimensional materials in sustainable science

In the evolving landscape of scientific research, breakthroughs continue to shape our understanding of the

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“Buying less – is it enough?” Sustainable fashion and environmental risks

Fashion is changing, various shopping occasions are coming up, and we are constantly buying new

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20 August, 2023
Climate geoengineering – a lifeline for humanity or false hope?

Since the beginning of the industrial age, the globe's average temperature has increased by 1.1

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13 July, 2023
Time to drop the coal. Nuclear energy is soon coming to Poland.

Nuclear power is set to play a significant role in Poland's energy future as the

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10 July, 2023
A groundbreaking patent for agriculture – Nod factors key to increasing yields and ecological cultivation

Plant-bacteria symbiosis Plant-bacteria symbiosis is another important aspect of modern agriculture and a promising method

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