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Bartosz Kruszka
07 March, 2023
Energy-free water purification – interview with Bartosz Kruszka, Nanoseen

Simple desalination and water purification that doesn't require energy? Sound like science fiction? Well, it

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Dr Jim Mazurkiewicz
06 February, 2023
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29 December, 2022
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Wiktoria Bulik
28 December, 2022
The leaders of Biorevolution – an idea behind a Polish start-up MakeGrowLab

World of plastic Weight, strength, elasticity and inexpensive as well as easy production of traditional

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19 December, 2022
A stone’s throw from home – the idea of a 15-minute city

Living in a constant rush, traffic congestion, crowded public transportation during rush hour. Sounds familiar?

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12 December, 2022
Energy transformation of transportation

The climate crisis and the corresponding growing need for green transportation solutions are the primary

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