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01 March, 2024
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04 January, 2024
Imposter syndrome is overrated. Find what excites you and cultivate contacts.

Currently a third-year doctoral student, Katarzyna Hryniewiecka took a not-so-obvious path to her doctorate. She

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01 September, 2023
Oświadczenie ws. artykułu „Nieudowodnione terapie komórkowe: globalny problem i polska perspektywa”

Oświadczamy, że tekst pt. „Nieudowodnione terapie komórkowe: globalny problem i polska perspektywa" stanowi w całości

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28 July, 2023
Close look at cell communication – what is its role? 

Communication is the key. Imagine a crowd of people speaking different languages. You are trying

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05 June, 2023
Chance to Expand Genetic Research in Poland for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in Poland Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women

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