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01 September, 2023
Unproven Cell Therapies: A Global Issue and the Polish Perspective

Patients in many countries are exposed to dishonest offers of unproven cell interventions, referred to

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28 July, 2023
Close look at cell communication – what is its role? 

Communication is the key. Imagine a crowd of people speaking different languages. You are trying

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05 June, 2023
Chance to Expand Genetic Research in Poland for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer in Poland Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women

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08 May, 2023
Robotics in medicine – does Poland have a chance to become a leader of the field?

Medical robotics is a field of medical technology that uses robots to facilitate and improve diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation processes. The text touches on an aspect of the letter of intent to establish a University Center for Robotic Medicine.

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Knowledge article main photo