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20 March, 2023
Antimicrobial resistance in biofilms – BEAT-AMR initiative

Antibiotic resistance of microorganisms is a serious threat to global health nowadays because it compromises

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Wiktoria Bulik
27 February, 2023
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21 February, 2023
Seeking novel approaches to treat AML

In Poland every year approximately 800 people are diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) [1].

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Krzysztof Wąs
20 February, 2023
Closer look at the secrets of folk medicine

Although in general this plant is considered to be a weed, it is also one

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18 February, 2023
Brachytherapy – over a century of fighting cancer with radiation. How is it used today?

History of radiologyIt is difficult to describe the insights of the field of radiology without

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14 February, 2023
The future of medical research: leveraging 3D printing

The world is faced with a vast array of diseases, injuries, and other health conditions

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