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Raptors Team
10 March, 2023
Lodz University of Technology students’ worldwide success in building Mars rovers

Where did your adventure with robots begin? For most of us, the adventure with robots

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Maciej Grybko
19 January, 2023
Is the future of space flight bright?

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the aerospace industry has been growing at an

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dr Wojciech Mróz
16 January, 2023
Organic light-emitting diodes: basic architectures and principles of operation

While organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) have entered the broad commercial market of displays of all

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Dr Rafał Anyszka
Filip Kuczyński-Piech
20 December, 2022
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Jakub Głowacki
28 November, 2022
Superconductors for Space

Have you ever wondered why we don’t have electrical passenger aircraft? Why don’t we use

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13 July, 2022
A new method in structural biology that changes the course of science

new Nobel Prize-winning method now makes it possible to understand exactly what is happening inside viruses, bacteria and eukaryotic cells.  It allows access to a cell, directly visualizing its insides and making it much easier to understand how it works. 

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