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15 May, 2023
Cultural heritage in the face of war – how to protect the testimony of the nation’s past?

Warsaw, which years ago raised from the ruins, today wants to help Ukraine destroyed by

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20 April, 2023
Digging through the archives – reconstruction of Polish memory

The research carried out by UNESCO clearly shows that Polish archives suffered the greatest losses as a result of their dispersion around the world. International projects made it possible to find and make the most valuable sources public, which, however, posed another question for Poland - how to use them?

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Michael Richter
27 February, 2023
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Andrzej Lisiecki-Żurowski
Aleksandra Oleszycka
05 January, 2023
Helping Poles to gain employment in the EU institutions

There is no hiding the fact that membership of the European Union brings many benefits.

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