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18 September, 2023
Quantum technology against cyber threats

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, cyberspace has important features such as global reach, efficiency, universality

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17 September, 2023
Can we conquer the moon? The next frontier of lunar missions

July 20, 1969 became a special day in human history – Neil Armstrong and Buzz

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06 September, 2023
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16 August, 2023
Do you have to be born as scientist? “Space goes to school” – connecting the space sector with school education

Traditional subjects taught at school, such as mathematics, Polish or history, are the foundation of

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16 August, 2023
Do people have impact on how the ecosystems look?

In 2002, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Paul Crutzen put forward the view that we have left

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07 August, 2023
Cocoa prices are soaring. Will it soon become a luxury good?

Recent months have seen significant price rises in the cocoa market, with the value in

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