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A sustainable catamaran

The global problem of water pollution poses a real threat to flora and fauna, leading to gradual environmental degradation. Pollution is caused mainly by anthropogenic factors, such as pesticides, petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, and heavy metals.

In response to this phenomenon, which is unfortunately influenced by human activity, international organizations have been looking for innovative solutions to mitigate the risks coming from water pollution. One such solution is a vessel designed by scientists from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin in cooperation with constructors from the Alumare shipyard in Świnoujście.

The combined forces of the West Pomeranian University of Technology scientists, led by professor Maciej Taczała, and constructors from Alumare have resulted in the design of a vessel in the configuration of a catamaran, which removes pollution from the inland and coastal waters. The prototype will undoubtedly contribute to improving water quality in Poland, and the concept itself is an excellent example of synergy between academia and industry.

Work on the project took two years, but the catamaran finally passed the stability tests  in the fall of 2023. The vessel is capable of collecting up to two tons of liquid pollutants or 800 kilograms of solid pollutants during a single run. The mechanism is similar to the one in excavators and uses cylinders. The process is quite simple, as the pressurized fluid acts on the piston and sets it in motion. The unit is equipped with an electric engine, making it even more environmentally friendly. 

The future of the prototype and possible further work depends on ALUMARE, which remains the owner of the unit and will decide on its use. Nevertheless, the prototype undoubtedly represents a milestone in the context of cleaning up inland and coastal waters in Poland, especially given their ecological state – according to the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection, as many as 30% of Poland’s rivers are in poor or bad ecological condition.

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