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Corporate trips without smartphones. How to truly relax?

Corporate trips without smartphones. That is, how to truly relax.

OfflineOn is engaged in organizing corporate trips focused on digital detox. The time that participants gain from giving up their smartphones is spent on various entertainment activities and integration with other colleagues.

An idea based on our own experience

“The idea of OfflineOn was born at the time of my professional work. It was then that I experienced the problem that the company solves”, says Zuzanna Prygiel, co-founder.

Zuzanna’s social media on a daily basis, for various clients. After starting her job, she noticed that it involved being on the phone all the time.

“I get up in the morning to see if the previous day’s posts have a following. Then I write back emails, reviewing trends.” – describes her job. – “There is constantly this need to reach for the phone until I started reaching for it reflexively, she adds, without even thinking why”.

The OfflineOn founder adds that her constant contact with her phone quickly led to technology saturation and the need to detox. She began, in small steps, her own “detox” from her phone. She tried to minimize reaching for any digital devices in the morning or evening. It didn’t take long to see the results.

“It turned out that I had a clearer head and did not have to think about all that was going on in the world, she notes. I also don’t think I’m missing out on something; I just focus on the moment that is now”.

Now Zuzanna, along with OfflineOn’s co-founder – Hubert Kaniewski, wants to share lessons learned from her experience.

Additionally, they were encouraged to create OfflineOn by their observation that there is currently no similar initiative in the European market. Zuzanna says they haven’t found any solutions on a larger scale that realistically approach smartphone overuse in and out of the workplace. She and Hubert want to be the ones who, through OfflineOn trips, propose methods of dealing with technology oversaturation for both small companies and large corporations.

Trips for companies with interesting attractions

“Trips are a good way to take a firm break from devices.” – she says.

Zuzanna adds that on business trips, there is often no need to use a laptop or phone. This gives more opportunity to organize such a technology detox. In a working lifestyle, especially in a business environment, it’s hard to give up answering emails, on a rather immediate basis, and the phone is unavoidable for communication.

“However, if you go out of town, you can take those three days to completely disconnect from technology” – argues.

OfflineOn provides comprehensive travel arrangements. Transportation, various attractions, games, and accommodations are organized by Zuzanna and Hubert, which firmly displaces the need to carry a phone with you.

And there are plenty to choose from. On the company’s website, you can see suggestions for trips and attractions. There is something for everyone. There’s golf, kayaking, and billiards, for those who like sports. For those who want to feel a little adrenaline, there are survival and climbing trips. And for those wanting total tranquility, there are yoga and mystery sessions.

“At the beginning of the trip, participants sign legal consents. These allow the organizers to keep their phones, as they will actually be physically taken away.” – laughs.

Reassures me that something is provided for emergencies. Before the trip, families are given a contact number that they will always be able to call in case of an accident.

Offers for large and small companies

“The service is aimed at both small and large companies. We are targeting resorts located in the heart of nature so that participants can experience a full-blown detox” – she says.

She adds that the project’s website aims to showcase various proposals. OfflineOn is also open to arranging other activities that a particular company would like to have during its trip. Trip offers are customized in terms of budget, types of entertainment and accommodations. There is also an option to organize thematic training courses on the industry in which the company operates.

Benefits and goals of going without a phone

Based on her experience, Zuzanna notes that not using your phone all day is simply better for your mental health. She talks about constant stimuli from smartphones and laptop screens and the dopamine hit they give. She also notes that when you don’t have to look at your phone constantly, you’re in live contact with another human being.

“Everything that happens without phones is beneficial. Without the phone, there are completely different interactions, different relaxation, and everything will happen differently than on a classic trip”. – concludes.

And about the goals of the trip, she says she would like people to be aware that sometimes it’s worth disconnecting from the phone. For their own sake.

Honorable mention in the Act of Leadership Award competition

The OfflineOn project was awarded in the Young Raising Company category, in the Act of Leadership Award competition. This is a competition organized by SWPS University, where Zuzanna studies. It is aimed at mobilizing students and going beyond the university with initiatives. There are other categories, such as Young Raising Innovator and awards for individual social projects.

“The award for OfflineOn was given for diagnosing a problem and for a real response to it.”

“This award was a huge honor. In individual conversations, we are also getting a positive response,” Zuzanna enthuses.

Future plans

OfflineOn’s other partner, Huber Kaniewski, is studying in Germany. The company plans to expand there. In addition, they have already selected centers and established partnerships with some of them.

“We wonder if the Polish market is ready for such a service. Not everyone realizes that there is a need for a digital detox”. – she admits.

“Everyone is able to give up their phone, morning, or evening. Regardless of the job we are employed in. We often have to fight for this time, but it should come from an internal need and understanding of the issue of phone abuse,” Zuzanna concludes.

And trips with OfflineOn are sure to be an interesting way to see, firsthand, the benefits of technology detox. You are invited!

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