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Is Warsaw the capital of success? Scientific projects honored in the National Science Center grant competition

The National Science Center has recently announced the result of the 4th edition of PRELUDIUM BIS. As many as seven projects from the University of Warsaw received a grant of PLN 3. 56 million, which represents as much as 10. 2% of the total grant awarded annually to support the education of Polish doctoral students as well as the financing of research projects conducted by them as part of their doctoral dissertation. Does this mean that Warsaw is the capital of success?

The fourth edition of the competition was attended by 248 researchers. Grants with a total value of over PLN 34. 7 million were awarded to 58 applicants. The funds obtained may be used, among other things, for further research.

The distinguished projects of PhD students from the University of Warsaw concern, among others, affective poetics, evolution and functional morphology of freshwater jawfish and the genesis of narcissism in children. Research teams consist only of PhD students and their supervisors [1]. Funding is awarded on the basis of a number of criteria, including an assessment of the project itself or of the potential impact of the project on the research fields on a global scale and the chances of obtaining the highest quality scientific publications and other project outputs; the potential impact of the project should be assessed in an international context, taking into account the specificity of the research field and the different forms of potential impact and dissemination of the project’s effects [2].

We are excited to hear about the participation of award-winning PhD students in international conferences, where they will present their research results soon. We hope for successful implementations in the economy and following development of the global and Polish market. Once again huge congratulations, and may the whole scientific world hear about your research!


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