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I obtained my PhD degree in the studies on the ancient cultures and religions in the Near East in the timespan between 4th century BCE to the beginning of the 4th century CE. I am archaeologist, but mostly I am epigraphist reading inscriptions in Ancient Greek and various dialects of Aramaic. In January 2023 I begin my own project at the University of Wrocław, funded by the grant Polonez Bis of National Center of Science (Poland) and MSCA COFUND. My goal is to create a network of researchers interested in the studies on the ancient worlds for possible cooperation in future as well as learning about new trends in research methods.
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My research interests cover up the religions of the Graeco-Roman Near East. I study the administration and economy of the ancient temples in Palmyra, Hatra and Dura-Europos to understand how they functioned beyond the divine sphere. I am interested also in the temple staff - who beside priests was involved in the rituals and kept the cultic centers running. My new project concerns the worshippers and cult of two important Eastern goddesses: Allat and Atargatis.
Aleksandra Kubiak-Schneider
Ancient Languages and Writings
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