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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Coopernicus?

Coopernicus is an initiative of Our Future Foundation. Its main goal is to spread awareness of the achievements of Poles in Europe and around the world. We create a community of Polish scientists and professionals, support recruitment and new collaborations within the community and with Polish institutions and enterprises.

What is OFF?

The aim of Our Future Foundation is to support the educational and professional development of ambitious young people from all over Poland. The Foundation fulfils its mission by providing its beneficiaries with comprehensive assistance in the process of recruitment to the world’s best universities and choosing their dream career path.

Is Coopernicus for me?

If you are a Polish scientist, working professional or a student who studied or worked abroad – the answer is yes.


If you do not belong to the above description but are fascinated about the achievements of Poles around the world and want to be up to date with the newest discoveries – the answer is also yes.


Coopernicus is a place where we gather like-minded people who resonate with values such as education, promoting knowledge, development, and business. Everyone interested or involved in these areas is welcomed.

Is access to the platform free of charge?

Yes, access and use of the platform is completely free. To apply for registration, please use this link.

How can I apply to write an article together and be featured in Coopernicus Knowledge?

Apply through the website by registering an account with Coopernicus and filling out the form using this link  (visible to registered users only) OR get in touch using contact form

Is it possible to post a job offer for individual users or Coopernicus’ business partners only?

For now, posting is available only for institution membership accounts (organisations and companies). If you would like to post any type of offer of professional development (job,  internship, research, etc.) set up an account for your organisation or reach out directly to

User Account
How does the verification process for registration work?

Verification of your Scientist Account is accomplished through the ORCID number, ResearchGate link, LinkedIn link or Google Scholar ink you entered during registration.


Student Account is verified by using your student email, please use it during the registration.
Professional/Entrepreneurs Account is verified individually by the platform admin.


In case of any uncertainty, we will contact users using the contact information they have provided for verification purposes.

How do I change my account type?

If you would like to modify your account type, get in touch using our contact form at link. It will expedite the process if you put “ACCOUNT TYPE” in the title.

What are the benefits of partnering with Coopernicus?

Cooperation with Coopernicus is an opportunity to support the community of Polish scientists, professionals and students who focus on pursuit of excellence and growth, who often study or work abroad, but who want to remain connected to their homeland and would like to work in or collaborate with Polish companies and institutions.


It also allows you to present your organisation in front of members of our unique community, emphasise your importance in your field and boost your strong reputation as an employer. We will be happy to discuss the details of our offer and the possibilities for cooperation as well as to meet and figure out together whether and how we could meet your expectations.

Who could become a partner?

We are open to building partnerships with companies, universities, nonprofit organisations, and government agencies. Individual people and social projects are encouraged to get in touch with us as well – there are plenty of possibilities.

How can I become a Partner?

Please register your interest in becoming a Partner by sending an email to and we will respond to you promptly.

How can I contribute?

If you want to contribute to the project simply message us over email and we will schedule a quick chat with you to discuss where you see yourself in our team.

In case you have any other questions or problems while using the platform

Write to us at or get in touch via the contact form at link