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Evidence-based nutrition – interview with Dr. Karolina Krup-Kotara

What is your current research focus?  As I am working at the faculty of Public

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20 March, 2023
Antimicrobial resistance in biofilms – BEAT-AMR initiative

Antibiotic resistance of microorganisms is a serious threat to global health nowadays because it compromises

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Raptors Team
10 March, 2023
Lodz University of Technology students’ worldwide success in building Mars rovers

Where did your adventure with robots begin? For most of us, the adventure with robots

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09 March, 2023
Innovative materials for meeting Internet access demands

According to the World Bank's World Development Report (WDR) 2021 on Internet Data Flow: „By

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Bartosz Kruszka
07 March, 2023
Energy-free water purification – interview with Bartosz Kruszka, Nanoseen

Simple desalination and water purification that doesn't require energy? Sound like science fiction? Well, it

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Wiktoria Bulik
27 February, 2023
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