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18 May, 2024
Artificial intelligence on guard for bogs

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing environmental monitoring, offering powerful tools that enhance our understanding and management

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16 May, 2024
Vladimir Putin’s next term in office

This year's election for president of the Russian Federation took place in mid-March. The victory,

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PhD Natalia Bel Potrzebowska: Every path has a beginning

Doctor Natalia Bel Potrzebowska obtained her doctoral degree at Université Claude Bernard in Lyon, and

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Prof. Lisa M. Wisniewski: I’m always interested in studies on identity

Lisa M. Wisniewski - A sociology professor with experience in higher education. Doctor of Education

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09 May, 2024
Young people with old hearts – the importance of cardiac rehabilitation

Every revolutionary technological discovery in the field of medicine gives us hope for better health

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Prof. Leonard Dobrzyński: „Do simple things, have fun and never lose hope”

Léonard Dobrzyński is an eminent scientist and researcher primarily known for his achievements in the

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