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21 September, 2023
Looking deeper into the devices – what do we discover with control theory?

Control theory is a branch of science that tries to find an algorithm to control

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18 September, 2023
Quantum technology against cyber threats

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, cyberspace has important features such as global reach, efficiency, universality

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17 September, 2023
Can we conquer the moon? The next frontier of lunar missions

July 20, 1969 became a special day in human history – Neil Armstrong and Buzz

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15 September, 2023
Deadly heat wave affected Europe this vacation.

Last month, the world was in turmoil. This year's average global temperature in July was

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12 September, 2023
Reports of UFO – The American Congress is investigating the matter

On July 26, 2023, the Oversight Commission of the House of Representatives conducted public hearings

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06 September, 2023
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