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Polish energy sector, VR goggles and nuclear energy. Interview with Przemysław Starzynski

There is a bright future ahead of the Polish energy sector. There are plenty of opportunities for development and innovation in this area. Our challenge will be a sustainable energy transition, the effects of which will not drag negative consequences. In the latest episode of our podcast, we interviewed Przemysław Starzynski, head of the Office of Innovation Initiatives. We discussed the situation of the energy market, innovations of Enea Operator and nuclear energy in Poland.

The Enea Group consists of a number of companies, each responsible for a different area of the market. Enea Operator maintains the power grid infrastructure. It takes care of transmission lines, distribution lines and all switches. With all the infrastructure in place, building residents can enjoy access to electricity. 

Przemyslaw Starzynski stressed the importance of cooperation between science and other areas of life and business. Enea Operator, for example, relies on cooperation between science and energy. Thanks to it, the company can expose more and more new, innovative and better research and development projects. One of them is a project to use VR goggles in training the company’s employees. Innovations are created when two unconventional phenomena are combined. The same was the case with combining the education of Enea Operator employees with virtual reality technology. Each employee will be able to learn his profession on his own through the use of VR goggles. As it turns out, the younger generation is very enthusiastic about such projects. This clearly confirms that the future development will depend on technology. 

In 2026, work will begin on building the first nuclear power plant in Poland. This is another innovation of the energy sector, according to the interview. Enea Operator will also have a role in this endeavor. The company will have the opportunity to be responsible for the construction and the entire infrastructure of the distribution network. 

We invite you to listen to the entire conversation in the latest episode of our Coopernicus podcast.

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Bartosz Nyga

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