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Deeper integration of the European Union in the context of its future – Coopernicus Quarterly

The latest Coopernicus quarterly is now available!

In our spring publication, we summarized the first three months of our operations in 2024! This time we have set our sights on the new. Hence, we decided to title our quarterly with the words “New Opening,” which symbolize not only the exceptionally warm spring, which surprised us with more than 20-degree temperatures already in April, but also new geopolitical and economic hands

We have divided our publication into five sections: Inspirational Conversations, Innovation, Society, Foreign Corner, and Podcasts and Reports.

We have selected especially for you the most interesting articles and videos featuring leading experts, from which you will learn, among other things: whether there is an intergenerational barrier between Generation X and Generation Z, and what are the scenarios for the development of the EU in the coming years.We would like to thank all those involved in the creation of our quarterly and wish you a successful reading!

Our quarterly is only available in polish language!

Coopernicus Quarterly January – March

Coopernicus PL
Coopernicus is an initiative of Our Future Foundation. Its mission is to spread awareness of the achievements of Poles in Europe and abroad, to build a community of Polish scientists and professionals and to create a bridge between Poles abroad and the Polish business and institutional market.
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