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Sharenting: How Parents Become “Micro-Celebrities” at the Expense of Children’s Privacy

With the rise of social media, parents are increasingly sharing their children’s lives by posting photos, videos, and updates on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. This phenomenon, known as sharenting, has gradually evolved from an innocent way of sharing joy with loved ones to a widespread promotional strategy, where parents become somewhat managers of their children’s image. While this may seem harmless at first glance, it raises many questions about privacy, autonomy, and the healthy development of the youngest. 

Dr. Anna Brosch from the University of Silesia emphasizes that for many parents, the motivation is to gain social approval and the trend of seeking popularity online. In the age of influencers and internet celebrities, many ordinary parents aspire to the status of “micro-celebrities,” and their children become objects of public interest from a very young age. As Dr. Brosch points out: “This practice is becoming increasingly popular because social media offer many opportunities for easy earning. In Poland, legally, a child does not decide for themselves until the age of 13. Parents are responsible for their children, and they decide what is good for them and what is not.”

 Unfortunately, financial pressure often lurks in the background, and the commercial aspect blurs the boundaries between parenthood and business.

 According to Magda Bigaj from the Digital Citizenship Institute: “Making money using a child, although it’s a bad term, doesn’t have to be harmful, but it requires caution. Therefore, the conditions under which a child participates in this should protect their well-being.”

 One of the main concerns associated with sharenting is the violation of children’s privacy and autonomy. According to experts, children have the right to build their own identity and decide how they are presented online. However, it is often parents who make decisions on behalf of their children, which can lead to conflicts and uncertainties in the future. Furthermore, sharenting has long-term consequences that can affect a child’s development. Publishing intimate moments of a child’s life on the internet can lead to issues related to their own identity, sense of privacy, and future social relationships.

It is worth noting that sharenting not only affects families with a wide audience but also ordinary people who are often unaware of the potential consequences of their actions online. Therefore, social education and the promotion of good practices in online parenting become a crucial element in protecting children’s rights in the digital age. With the increasing number of controversies and questions surrounding sharenting, action is necessary on many fronts: from legislative measures to social education, to guarantee children the right to privacy, safety, and dignity in the digital age. However, the key role in this process is played by the awareness of parents and their ability to use social media responsibly, keeping in mind the well-being of their children.

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