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Helping Poles to gain employment in the EU institutions

There is no hiding the fact that membership of the European Union brings many benefits. It is not without reason that Poland decided to join the union, thereby significantly improving the situation in the country. However, it is currently struggling with the problem of insufficient representation of Poles in the European Union institutions. Although the rules provide for 8.2% of seats for Poland due to its population, only 5% of European Commission officials come from our country. [1] When Polish representation is at an underrepresented level, it negatively affects prominence in the decision-making process of the European Union and limits the possibilities to effectively present one’s position in Europe. [2]

Currently, the plan to expand the pool of Poles working in the EU institutions is being handled by the association of Polish employees of international organisations, Network PL, together with its Secretary of the Board, Andrzej Lisiecki-Żurowski.  The article ‘A strategy for supporting Poles in the EU institutions’ is the result of the association’s work on finding appropriate solutions that can help Poles not only in employment itself, but also in gaining higher positions. In the first place, it is important to control the upcoming changes in recruitment trends. Then it comes to finding the right candidates, ensuring they are properly promoted and taking measures to increase their qualifications and opportunities. Unfortunately, young people do not show much interest in working for the EU institutions. This is why training in this area, information and encouragement of employment are so important. The text also mentions the role of the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland, i.e. the liaison officer with Poles working in the EU institutions. His role is to support Poles and pursue an active policy in this area. 

These are just some of the solutions that were mentioned by Network PL. The Association raised a very important issue and drew attention to the consequences of the current state of affairs. The European Union is making decisions that increasingly have a direct impact on the situation in Poland. The more middle and senior positions Poles manage to take, the greater the influence on shaping the decision-making processes of the European Union will be. To achieve this, a high level of commitment and contribution is needed to reach the goal.


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Andrzej Lisiecki-Żurowski
Member of Network PL

Polish diplomat from 2010 -2020, expert on the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Worked at the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland in Brussels during the first Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU, and as Polish Consul in the Persian Gulf. At the European External Action Service in Brussels, he was in charge of the financial side of EU foreign policy. Since 2021, he has been associated with the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – Frontex. From 2019-2022 Secretary of the Board of Network PL responsible for cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics and promotion of the Strategy for Supporting Poles in EU Institutions. Board member of the College of Europe Alumni Association (Bruges and Natolin). He is open to contact and discussions with anyone who associates his future with European and global institutions and organizations.

Aleksandra Oleszycka

Studentka dziennikarstwa i medioznawstwa na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim. Pasjonuje się sztuką, grafiką oraz nowymi mediami. Swoje zainteresowanie znajduje również w tworzeniu tekstów o tematyce społecznej i psychologicznej.

Written by:

Andrzej Lisiecki-Żurowski, Aleksnadra Oleszycka


  1. Andrzej Lisiecki-Żurowski, European External Action Service says:

    Strategia wspierania Polaków w instytucjach Unii Europejskiej opracowana przez Network PL:

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