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09 January, 2024
Environmental education and fun can go hand in hand.

As the creators of the Ekolandia project show, making the youngest aware of the need

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16 November, 2023
Polish innovations in safe waste conversion – EMKA S.A. investment plans

Several hundred thousand tons of foreign waste enters Poland annually, coming primarily from Germany, but

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01 November, 2023
Sustainable innovation – EcoBean for climate

Coffee has become an integral part of the morning routine around the world. It may

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15 September, 2023
Deadly heat wave affected Europe this vacation.

Last month, the world was in turmoil. This year's average global temperature in July was

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16 August, 2023
Do people have impact on how the ecosystems look?

In 2002, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Paul Crutzen put forward the view that we have left

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