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Evidence-based nutrition – interview with Dr. Karolina Krup-Kotara

What is your current research focus?  As I am working at the faculty of Public

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21 February, 2023
Seeking novel approaches to treat AML

In Poland every year approximately 800 people are diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) [1].

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Dr Jim Mazurkiewicz
06 February, 2023
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Tomasz Rudolf
31 January, 2023
Are we ready for telemedicine 2.0? Interview with CEO of startup Doctor.One

Where did the idea for Doctor.One come from?  Nowadays, with a growing shortage of medical

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Krzysztof Geras
Aleksandra Oleszycka
15 December, 2022
Artificial intelligence an opportunity to improve breast cancer screening results

The use of artificial intelligence in medicine is a growing phenomenon. In this field, it

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Researchers reveal impact of obesity on the heart’s anatomy for young children

The results have the potential to aid the detection of individual future risks during adulthood.

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