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11 November, 2023
Oxygen as an effective aid in the fight against breast cancer

Breast cancer is today the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world.[1] The fight against

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10 October, 2023
Tyruko: a breakthrough biosimilar medicine

Biosimilar medicines are an innovative solution in the field of pharmacology. They are increasingly becoming

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prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska
28 September, 2023
Toward the future: applying new technologies to medical data

Artificial intelligence has great potential in the medical field, but current regulations governing AI in

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03 August, 2023
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19 June, 2023
Why should people get tested for sexually transmitted diseases? Testing as a public health tool.

Human acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has not lost its importance and leading position on the

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02 May, 2023
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